iZettle vs. Square vs. SumUp

Zettle vs. Square vs. SumUp

It is a close race between the most popular mobile card readers in the UK. Check out this comparison to find the one that fits your needs.

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Best 5 iPad POS systems UK

Whether you run a retail, food or service business, our comparison of the best iPad till systems helps you uncover which to consider.

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What is a chargeback? How does it work for merchants and consumers? Learn about the meaning and process of debit and credit card chargebacks.

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How can a business accept Alipay and WeChat Pay in the UK? Here's how the mobile wallets work, where to get it and how to set it up as a merchant.

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What is legal tender in the UK?

What's the meaning of legal tender? We define the term, list the legal tenders in the UK and explain the rules for businesses and consumers.


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